® lets your files follow you, everywhere. allows you to access, organize, and manage your files from anywhere, anytime. also provides worry-free security, ensuring that all your files are always safe, secure and up to date. Now your files can be as mobile as you are — at work, home or on the go.

iSyncData service includes online storage, unlimited transmission, unlimited web access to your files, unlimited synchronization of files and folders on multiple computers, synchronization between Linux, Mac and Windows computers, and sharing folders between our members.

It is not just a backup. iSyncData service is a complete online backup, synchronization and file sharing solution.

In the mobile world of today's Internet economy, it can be difficult to manage all of the files you have stored on various computers. For example, when you are working on a document you might end up with different versions saved on your office computer, laptop, home computer and perhaps even on a floppy diskette. At best, keeping track of the most current version can be confusing and, all too often, you find that you don't have access to the latest version of the file you need, when you need it. On top of that, chances are you're not backing up the local data on your hard drives. In an unfortunate event of a hard drive failure or a stolen laptop, you will lose all your documents that you worked hard for.

Unlike other Internet based backup solutions, only updates the changed portions of a file, thus optimizing bandwidth from modem connections or other Internet connection.


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